My first shot at a superhero game character (work in progress) :-)

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    I know nothing about art, so feel free to ignore me.
    But I think it needs more dark areas. Kinda like ambient occlusion if it were 3D (or real life).
  • Something seems off about how the fabric is interacting with her breasts. The fabric appears to be made out of a cloth that folds easily, but is conforming to the underside of her breasts like spandex - but not shaping them closer to the body like spandex would. It has the form of a corset - but without being made of a material that would actually do that.
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  • @etiennea people are giving you valid input, if you're going to just dismiss them flippantly, what you're saying to people is to stop giving you input :)
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    Also, what @roguecode was saying about "ambient occlusion" has nothing to do with colours that client like or doesn't like, it has to do with adding depth to the colour range in the image's rendering.

    A little googling gave me this example of ambient occlusion. It's not about the colour of the character design:

  • This is possibly a clearer illustration of what ambient occlusion is for drawing. It's basically where the light bouncing around gets trapped in the crevices between things.

    So if you put your legs together, the shadow line where they meet is a kind of crevice where light is getting trapped in, as opposed to a cast shadow which is a shadow created on a surface by something getting in between that surface and the light source.

    Ambient occlusion creates a sense of depth to objects.

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