A great opportunity for underrepresented devs

A fantastic opportunity - This is no strings grant between $3000 - $20000 for underrepresented developers to make puzzle games. The people involved have an incredibly deep love of puzzle games (eg Makers of The Witness, and Alan Hazelden from A Good Snowman is Hard to Build and Cosmic Express). I really can't emphasise enough how good an opportunity this is!


A non exhaustive list of what they are looking for:
* Women
* Trans or Gender non-binary
* People of Color
* Not from North America, Europe or another western nation
* English is not your first language
* Disabled
* People with mental health issues

Given the spirit of it, I'm not sure how well this applies to the average Make Games user (ie English speaking, relatively affluent Caucasian male) but I know there are many members for who this could be a life changing career kickstart. Deadline is 23 April. Go go go!
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