excited for Ludem Dare 41?

Hello everyone
Wanted to know who's looking forward to the Ludem Dare 41 game jam happening 20th April. https://ldjam.com/

I'm also contemplating on participating myself, though I'm overthinking it and would first like to look before I leap.


  • Ludum dare is always awesome, but sad to say this time round I am going to have to miss it :( I am in Spain for a conference, but really looking forward to seeing what people manage to build!
  • I had a really full month that ultimately made me miss this LD (boooo), but I cannot complain as I was at AfrikaBurn and I had the most amazing time.

    That said, I'm still curious, who took part in this last LD? Would love to see some work :)
  • Luc and I entered. I think we're happy with what we did despite being kind of burnt out at the time. :P

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  • DUDE THAT IS CRAZY PRETTY. No OSX build *still* though :P
  • zomg, I always thought that I actually just couldn't make Mac builds from a PC, but I think that was just iOS. My bad, I'll get that module installed and make Mac builds from now on! :)
  • Damn Elyaradine! That art is awesome! Well done to you and Luc! Cant wait to play it :D

    We had a blast doing LD41! It was our first game that has ever had bespoke music and SFX which made such a big difference! Unfortunately not all of them got used because of time constraints...

    Chef, yes Chef! is an artillery cooking game. Give it a go and let us know what you think :)

    Our team was:
    Adoné Kitching (Game design, 3D modelling)
    Ben McInnes (Game design, programming)
    Ryan Mazzolini (SFX, programming)
    Sarah-Jane Walton (Music)


    1917 x 1080 - 437K
    1735 x 1079 - 353K
  • I would've liked to participate, unfortunately I didn't have my stuff in order, I hope to join in next time. It looks like you who participated had much fun, and put in a really good amount of effort too!
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