Escape from Mill Station level 5 schematic roughed out ...

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Dont know if anyone else draws crazy schematics of their game levels but I thought this one was fun so I decided to post it.
Game project is here:

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    Another extract. A note the player character finds on the remains of a lab worker with the name "Version 12"

    This is from the game story / script I am currently developing into final form.

    Begin note: "I feel so terrible this morning after drinking that new potion last night. I fear I might not live to tell anyone about it and how important it is. I worked on it for weeks and thought it was finally safe to give it a try but I am not sure now. I might have been in too great of a hurry. Too optimistic. In the event I pass and someone finds this letter I hope that you will read my story and understand why the Blue Bird was so important for my experiments. After reading this you will understand why I had to do what I did.

    I had been studying the Lighflow for such a long time. Then one day I saw this Nimlen who found the perfect antidote against the Flying Stones' evil curse. I could not allow such a gift to be wasted by a Nimlen who was simply curious and all it wanted to do is just stare at the Lightflow without wanting any deeper understanding of it and its great hidden powers. So I simply did what his people would expect from their own kind and warned them about the Nimlen who did not respect the elders' ways. It was only my own disciplined and respect for tradition that drove me to do it.

    Then they passed their judgement and they buried the Nimlen up there on the stairs, backwards, facing away from the Lightflow so that he may never set eyes on the Flying Stones again even after death. I just happened to walk by there one morning and noticed that the Blue Bird stayed with its master. I knew it was this bird's eggs that held the secret to the antidote against the curse of the Flying Stones. Even after death the bird sat on his shoulder. It would not leave him. Then as I walked closer the bird it flew to me. It was a complete surprise. I didn't make any effort to catch it. I respected the dead Nimlen even if he had been judged to serve as an outcast for all eternity. When the bird flew to me and came to sit on my shoulder I knew it was a sign. A sign that I was destined to find the cure against the evil Flying Stones and save the citizens of this world from turning to stone. To empower Windmasters to explore the clouds without the fear that they will get into too close contact with the stones and face a certain slow and painful death. Windmasters deserve a better life and any power they can find to protect them from the evil of the great blue triangle.

    So I decided to keep the bird. I found a beautiful cage for it to make sure that it will stay committed to my important mission and I will discover all its secrets. For one reason only of course. To help the people of the World of Clouds take another step closer to winning back their own identity that the triangle so brutally stole from them. Help them fight for their own freedom.

    I walked past the remains of the previous owner of this magnificent bird the other day. I noticed something truly bizarre. His desire to be closer to the Lightflow was so strong though that he was able to twist his head around. Even in death. So he could see over his back. So while his body turned to stone over time his head twisted around and eventually faced the Lightflow. That was not good enough forhim though. He wanted more. To be closer. So his neck stretched until his head eventually broke off and drifted away from the rest of his body. Now his head, half stone and half Nimlen, just hangs there. In midair. Just staring at the Lighflow right in front of him. A part of me feels guilty of what happened to him but it was his choice to disrespect his elders. It wasn't me who decided his fate and how could I have known that his own kind would punish him so severely. That they would turn him into an outcast even in the afterlife.

    Sometimes at night when I walk through my own dreams I can hear his head calling to the Blue Bird. I pity him and often wonder what I can do to help him. Maybe my work to create the ultimate cure for the Flying Stones' curse will put his soul to rest.

    I have also thought of allowing the Blue Bird to return to its old master. I have managed to replicate its egg juice from the other chemicals I have so I dont really need the bird anymore. I know that if I open the cage door it will fly straight to its old master. Be his companion again even if it is in death. At least they will be reunited again and be each other's company. Maybe I will set the bird free soon ... End note.
  • Freeing the Blue Bird from early development / prototype game:
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