[WIP] Top down racer

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Hi Guys,

I've been fiddling around with a top down racer, after a discussion with @aodendaal got me refreshed on the idea.

The controls are:

Arrow keys for accelerate, reverse, left and right
Space bar is hard brake.

The collision system isnt working yet, so dont worry about that. I would like to have feedback on the controls. Does the car feel like it is cornering correct, does it carry enough speed ect.


  • Am I missing a link to download the prototype?
  • I attached a .zip file. Are you not able to see it in the post?
  • Just played it and it acts fairly realistic, so good work on that. I would have liked more 'exaggerated' physics though. Higher top speed, skidding, snappier turns and faster breaking. But that might just me.

    One technical issue: (I know it's still in very early stages, but just in case you're interested) Remember to clamp your tile positions so you don't get those gaps that are caused by floats.

    What are you aiming for, gameplay-wise? Anything fun / unique planned?
  • I was thinking of having an futuristic racing game. Which would include all kinds of ground and air vehicles. Each with its own pros and cons. Ground vehicles for instance would skid and slide, and loose speed when on gravel/off track. Airplanes/spaceships will not have those but is hampered by slower turning circles, but higher top speeds, where helicopters have a slower top end and acceleration, but excellent turning circles. Bit of balance is to be achieved. Still unsure if I should do the power-up system and/or vehicle weapons. I'd like to keep it pure racing actually.

    Think space shooter style of graphics.

    A few changes coming up is:

    The vehicle has a constant acceleration. This will change to a variable acceleration that will reduce the higher the current speed of the vehicle. After this change I wont be "capping" the top speed. So the speed would be as brave as you are.

    The current tiles are just so that you have a reference to judge the speed. Not going to be in the game.
  • The game feels great :)

    Interested to see how you are going to handle collision, so that it does not interfere too much with the current feel.

    Here's some suggestions to try (if you want to lean more to arcade than realistic):
    1) Allow the car to turn when it is standing still.

    2) Make it turn faster when the player is not pressing the acceleration. Reason: when he's not accelerating then he is most likely trying to get around a tight corner.

    3) Add visual feedback for the handbrake (e.g. some sparks on the tires).

    4) When using the handbrake, add a sideways force to the car. So if turning left then add a force to push the car right.

  • Hey guys.

    So here is a small update on the concept.

    I added the variable acceleration and removed the top speed limiter. Also added the first "penalty" for road vehicles. You will reduce speed dramatically if you drive on the grass for too long, however it is still possible to "cut" corners and not be penalized, follwing a good racing line or carrying enough speed into the corner.

    Still placeholder GFX, but the new road texture sure helps.

    Have fun and feedback please.

    P.S. the track has two routes to try and test.
  • I gave it a quick play and there are 2 things I would like to mention.

    1) The penalty on the grass only actually applies when I'm driving(pressing up). When I coast onto the grass I keep on going until the normal friction stops me.

    2) I like the idea of having less control off road rather than less speed. Or maybe not such a significant loss of speed at least. It almost seems like once you go offroad there is no way you could ever catch up to someone that doesn't go off. Probably something that is easily tweakable later, just thought I'd mention it.
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    Thanks Rigormortis. Fixed the bug that about the free wheeling ongrass not slowing it down, and I did reduce the penalty of the grass, it does feel more on par.

    As for your loss of control comment. That will also be implimented depending on what surface you are on. The current surface is aimed at Gravel rather than grass, and keep in mind that different vehicles with have different penalties.
  • Made any more progress on the racing game?
  • Been hella busy as of late with day job stuff and with all the public holidays some family stuff as well. Will hopefully be doing some work on this again soon.
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    Very cool so far.

    Two things I'd add/tweak are a.) the vehicle feels quite "heavy". This is probably a combination of accelaration/turning/breaking settings. Might just be me, but I'd tweak those to make the vechicle feel a bit "lighter".

    And then b.) I'd add skidding/drifting (as mentioned above). Would not only make it a bit crazier but adds an extra dimension to controlling your vehicle.

    There's a great 90's top down racer which got these balances perfect, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was called. If I remember, I'll let you know. I reckon it'd be a good reference. (The first GTA was also a great example.)

    EDIT: That game was called Ignition. It's AbandonWare now, I think.
  • Thanks for the info, i'll give it a look.

    Off topic: Was busy "googling" Actrox to see what i can find, and I stumbled on my old Turbosquid profile, so i logon after like 3 years and there is $40 worth of revenue waiting for me lol.
  • Well, that solves the...

    1) Action
    2) ???
    3) Profit

    ...problem. :P
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