ProBuilder joins Unity


  • Aww, yessss.

    The things in Polybrush include some tools that I've had to write for a team in the past. I'm really happy not to have to support that again, and let someone else worry about that full time. :P
  • "Dammit, I bought this" - me, every time :P

    But yeah, this is super cool. Also really amped that they are finally getting their own visual shader editor.
  • roguecode said:
    "Dammit, I bought this" - me, every time :P
    They said you can apply for a refund if bought on or after January 1st 2018

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    WOW - Unity seems to be really ramping up this year.

    We now have (free)

    - Text Mesh Pro
    - ProBuilder
    - Cinemachine
    - A sweet Post-processing stack
    - Shader Graph
    - de-lighting tool
    - C# Job System

    We are getting real spoiled.

    Now i just need GPU based GI baking. (or any other super fast GI baking platform)

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