[WeeklyGameJam] Save Yourself!

Took part in the weekly game jam this week so I thought I'd just share what we ended up making. The theme was "Not The Hero". You can try the game out here:


This is only the second gamejam I've taken part in (last week we made quite the broken monstrosity) but the experience has been fantastic.

Now if only we could stop running out of time xD


  • Really nice presentation, love the art style.

    The controls are too stiff for me though, the way you use the buffer before the player moves makes it very difficult to make precise movements, was expecting to be able to miss the zombies by a millimeter, but that's just not possible for me with the current setup. Would be nice to have a boundary on the road too, maybe not a hard boundary, but a slowing or destabilizing effect of some sort.
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  • Thanks! I wish I had more time to do the art. Would love to have tinkered with everything more. Especially the zombies. And ESPECIALLY the title screen. But you live, you learn so next time I'll try harder to be better at time allocation.

    The controls are quite floaty and it helps if you jam down on repeatedly instead of holding them down. Honestly I didn't know this either until later! The boundaries should have been implemented but we barely made the cutoff time :(

    Thanks for playing though and if you have some time try and get a zombie to grab a potion :D quite stressful!
  • The idea of using civilians to distract zombies, and needing to even lead zombies into civilians to get them off your tail, is pretty rad! It really conveys the theme of not being a hero, and also is pretty fun in itself (as being a jerk is often more fun than being a hero).

    Definitely a cool situation to put a player in.

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  • Glad you enjoyed that! It was nerfed so you can only distract 3 zombies at a time because it became a little bit of a gimmick. But at the start there were also waaaay more zombies. We wanted to put in potholes and gangmembers on bikes that mess with you etc etc but yeah maybe in the future :)

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  • Ditto on the art style. I really like the song as well...hypnotizing. Had myself playing a while. The game has a good base from which to extrapolate. How would the gang members differ in movement from the zombies?
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  • Glad you enjoyed the art and music! We're thinking of taking it further but we'll see. The gang thing actually wouldn't work probably. The original idea was that the character first runs and then can find a bike item which will give them more mobility. I think a newspaper delivery person on a bike would work better as an enemy because of this. They could throw papers at you to slow you down and you could knock them over with a Full Throttle era kick for instance to let the zombies eat them instead.
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