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Jincom is looking for a full time Technical Director. We need a Rigger who can make tools in Maya to help our transition from a full Blender Pipeline to a Maya/Blender one. Knowledge of Python is essential and any experience working with Blender would be a plus. We have also been working in VR so any knowledge of C# and Unity would be a bonus. There is also a job posting on which has a few more details. Please get in contact (, and spread the word. See you all at CTIAF
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  • Sounds more like you potentially need a Technical Artist, not a Technical Director?

    TDs are generally in charge of the entire development team for a company, and oversee technical decisions for all projects as well as the company as a whole; not people who work on tools and pipelines and rigging... those are usually TAs :)
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  • I thought a technical director was some kind of a super programmer.
  • Thanks for your responses. I am looking for a Technical Director. A person to oversea the full pipeline process and establish the path forward. I need someone who can do this part of the job, as well as rigging and making tools. However, this is not a path that a lot of people choose when at a 3D college, they normally go for artistic skills and I need a programmer that understands the principals of 3D and can write in Python.

    At this point I would be prepared to take on a mid range python programmer with an interest in graphics. And help them to understand the 3D animation process.

    Again, please get in contact if you are interested ( Or spread the word.
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