Robo Hobo In Lasagne Land

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*This is a game project continuing on from a previous game jam project.



Boot up and play as a robot in medieval times haggling barbarian style with a bunch of homeless hoarders in a world covered in lasagne.
Your mission: collect stuff for future preservation and survive the apastalypse!

A pasta resistance has formed and they are attempting to contact you, Collect enough transmitter pieces to locate their radio signals.

z - jump/locate
x - attack
arrow keys - move
(hoping to add custom controls soon)

This is just a fun mishmash of a game made by friends for a game jam.
My friends and I were inspired by the recent Global Game Jam, thus development has sorta continued and I thought I'd make it available online.

Game Jam themes that have influenced development are "Collection" and "Transmission"

This game is still very much unpolished, and perhaps it'll remain that way. Just a humble project that is a fun and educational experience for me and my friends :)

Darren Marsh - a.k.a Playersup
Ethan Hartel - a.k.a ⁠⁠⁠Sh0ckz
Ethan Le Roux - a.k.a megaguy32
646 x 505 - 633K
640 x 480 - 29K
640 x 480 - 22K
640 x 480 - 771K


  • My windows defender says that the exe has a trojan in it. I'm going to play it safe and not open it up.

    Keen to check it out if you fix it.
  • Apologies, I shall look into fixing it.
    There shouldn't be any viruses in it, but it is best that I solve this as soon as I'm able to.
    Greatly appreciate the notification :)
  • My antivirus also picking up on an anomaly. Would like to give it a go.
  • edited
    Ok, So I did some research and it seems the antivirus suspicions stems from the way Game Maker Studio creates executables, their custom file formats may trip certain antivirus software.

    I've recompiled the game, and this time I've included an installer as well that might play nicer with antivirus software.

    For further clarity, I found a website that scans files via a multitude of antivirus software programs (the likes including Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, and more) and the result was that my game is completely clean.
    Here is the website if you want to scan files yourself:

    So its probable that it is just false positives that the antivirus software is reporting.
    I do understand that it is not outside the realm of possibility that a virus could've found it's way through the internet, because viruses are tricky like that.
    But as far as I'm able to, I assure you all that my friends and I had no malicious intents creating the game and we don't know of any viruses attached to it.

    TL;DR: It don't got viruses :)
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