DREAD - A fun tabletop RPG.

In the past 2 years I've started some small tabletop RPG sessions with friends and honestly its been an absolute blast.
The game thats really caught my eye has been DREAD -
If you want to have a good afternoon and want to try out a super easy intro in Role playing I highly recommend it.

Essentially you play through a story with a JENGA tower, with each player removing blocks with major game decisions. Want to run into a fight? Draw a block. Want to spit in a cops face? Draw a block. Running away from a monster? Draw a block and hope you don't trip and fall...
When the tower falls, whoever was pulling that block is dead - removed permanently from the game.

Because of its nature of killing characters off the games themselves are a lot shorter in comparison to other RPG's. The rising tension of the tower getting more and more unstable as you move through the story is also a lot of fun.

I GM'd my first session last weekend and had a blast. Instead of using one of the prepackaged DREAD stories (which are very cool) - I wrote my own involving alien abductions, vikings, and a ton of body horror.

Attached is my game if anyone wants to take a look.
NORTHMEN Outline.pdf
NORTHMEN Cheatsheet.pdf
NORTHMEN Questionaire.pdf
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