Desperately Need Funding for Tuition

Hello everyone,

I'm really only posting this out of desperation - so my apologies for the uncomfortable topic up-front.

My situation at the moment has me owing about R40 000 in tuition fees for 2017, which I need to pay off before I am able to register for the final year of my Game Design degree at Wits.

I have reached out to as many people as I could, approaching various staff members at different levels of the University in an attempt to find some funding or any sort of assistance. So far, none of these avenues have opened up to any sort of opportunity, and with just around two weeks left until the start of the semester, my desperation is reaching an all-time high.

So, I am approaching you, my community of fellow South African developers, in the hopes that somebody will be able to point me towards some sort of assistance. Of course, there will still be the issue of paying for the 2018 fees, which will be substantially more, but if I am just able to register, then I will have some more time to find a solution to that issue during the year.

If anybody has any advice for me, or knows anybody I could contact who could assist me, please let me know. Any help or contributions at all will be amazing.

Thanks for your time, and your help.
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