Blackjack Game for Windows

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Hi there, here is a Blackjack Project I did in C# for a project. If possible please test and give any feedback you might have as I am still new to all of this programming :)
Blackjack Project Final


  • Hi, downloaded and played a few hands. So... it's black jack, and it seems to work so that's cool.

    Some suggestions to make it a bit more enjoyable.
    1)Once the player has finished their turn, deal out the cards one at a time for the dealer, instead of just dropping its hand and saying "You've Won/Lost!". This will increase the suspension of the player, as they wait to see if they've one, and also makes it a bit easier to follow.

    2) Try incorporating a betting mechanic of some sort, Black Jack is a gambling game, let me gamble! tied with this you could then look at adding more complex rules, such as splitting etc

  • Thank you LexAquillia, I appreciate the feedback.
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    Hey I played it too. Good job, I think the general aesthetic is quite good, where did you source the artwork?

    I'm not sure what kind of constraints you have building the game in the c# GUI framework, but I have a few suggestions. In general I think the user experience in terms of GUI has potential for additional features (going along the same lines as what @LexAquillia has mentioned). For example the popup window while doing the job feels kinda jarring bringing you out of the flow of the game. It feels annoying to have to keep bashing the window closed/accepting the OK button. Maybe you could build the feedback into the main window and make it less click intensive to get to the next round?

    Some more artwork or effects adding juice to your game could help to draw the user in more (like stacking chips if you add gambling).
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