Looking For Backers To Fund My Game..

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Hi, The link below will direct you to the site for funding the game.
Here are the things you will obtain by doing so....

(1) $1 Donation = The Release Trailer Of The Game + Populate The Credits.

(2) $4 Donation = + The Copy Of The Game For Xbox One/Windows or Android Sent Via Email (Faster Than The Effort Made To Download It On Steam).

(3) $8 Donation = + Cover Wallpaper.

(4) $13 Donation = + 3 Gameplay Tips.

(5) $19 Donation = + Theme Song.

(6) $26 Donation = 5 More In Gameplay Tips.

(8) $50 Donation = Get Desired Copy And Content Of Current Edition + Get The Next Edition Of The Game And Content Once Released!

(NB: Copies And Content Of The Game Will Be Produced Only In Digital Format And Never In Optical....Never!).
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