[Job] Senior Engineer at Spry Fox

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Spry Fox (the company I currently work for) is looking for a senior engineer to join the team and work on Steambirds Alliance (the project I'm working on). It's a lovely place to work for and it's an interesting project. Due to the game, someone with networking experience is a plus. The position is open for temporary or permanent. It's remote work, so some experience with that is a plus.

Women, PoC and other non-cishet-white-men should especially apply!

Spry Fox also works on many other cool games, and someone joining the team might get the chance to work on one of the other projects in the works. There is a chance that someone joining might work on one of the other projects instead of Steambirds Alliance.

I posted about this on the twitters but almost forgot to share it here!

If you interested, email the normal stuff (CV, cover letter, portfolio, etc) to jobs@spryfox.com or feel free to ask me questions here

Here's the latest blog post on the game: https://community.steambirds.com/blog/298



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