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Hey guys,

A few months ago we released a free browser game called Nano Brick.

We would love to continue adding features and maybe even start work on Nano Brick 2.

Show your support by giving us 5 mins of your time and playing just 1 level, who knows, you might actually have a good time!

You can check out the game page on our website here:

Or dive straight in and play the game in your browser:

Just close the prompt if you don't wanna sign up with Kong!

Any feedback or questions will be answered gladly!

Thanks for reading this.


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    I played a little, it was strange, some thoughts are below.

    [-]Tutorial is very condensed, moving it into the game instead of having a page write-up would be good.
    [-]Upgrades screen feels very condensed too, it's too much information to take in on a casual glance.
    [-]Feels like the player has no control in the game.
    [-]Feels like it's one of those games where you enjoy the show more than actually playing, but the show is somewhat lacking.
    [-]Feels like there is no reward when the rocket stops, you get a few numbers and need to try again.
    [-]You need to drive the player to want to play the game, tutorial and upgrade screens are somewhat intimidating on the first glance, so I played a little without full understanding of the rules expecting the gameplay to make me want to figure all this out, it didn't.
    [-]Not sure if it's just an issue with the web-player, but it was evident that the game was not running at constant 60fps.

    Some suggestions.
    [-]Gently introduce the tutorial concepts and the upgrade system.
    [-]Make it easier for the player to influence the rocket trajectory.
    [-]Make the effect of the 'power-ups' more blunt.
    [-]Slow down the game so that the player can absorb what is happening.
    [-]Add some sort of reward once the rocket stops.
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  • Cool thanks for playing!
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