Anyone doing Ludum Dare 40?

I am pretty keen but just wanted to throw it out there and find out who else is doing it :)
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  • My partner and I are doing it. Thanks for reminding me though haha. It would've slipped my mind.
  • So sad that I probably don't have time for this one since I have plans that overlap the date. Sigh! Also completely forgot to arrange a venue...
  • When I am the person remembering things you know there is trouble! In theory I can arrange something at NWU but that is in vanderbijl, but I also have the office in Randburg if people are stuck for venue :)

    LD is a good one to do alone though as well, so no one will hate emif everyone is separate, I just do find it good to know others in the community are suffering along with me so there are ears to hear when I whine about the theme...
  • I always prefer jamming with people around if possible :) But like I said I'm unfortunately not going to be able to do this jam, but last time I did actually arrange a venue for people to jam without being around.

    So anyway hope everyone has a good LD40... And I hope to do LD41! (Or perhaps more importantly... 42!)
  • I'll probably join in! :)

    Keen to do something casual and solo :)
  • I won't be available for the whole duration, so I think I'm going to try for the shortest and easiest game jam ever and truly exercise the art of letting go :)
  • "Let it go, let it go"... Totally different theme that.

    Glad to hear people are joining in! Good luck all!

    The theme this time is "The more you have, the worse it is"
  • Good luck everyone! Keen to check out your games!

    (I'm busy crunching to finish Genital Jousting before the end of the year).
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