Events needing sponserships

Hey guys,

I'm looking for events within SA, that would like to get involved with some big brands. The events need to have a liquor license.

Do you have any suggestions ?



  • Hi, welcome to MGSA!

    Is this related to game development, i.e. are you referring to events for game dev? Have you got contacts at some big brands that are looking to sponsor game dev events? I don't think liquor is a major focus at most of these events, so is the liquor license critical? Why?
  • I dunno @francoisvn, a game jam with free booze sounds like fun to me :D
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  • Perhaps, although it makes it more difficult to have minors and It's not clear to me that that's what @JGrant is referring to. (I also get that you're joking, just pointing out it's not so clear-cut :) )
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