Android devs in South Africa can now sell their apps on Google Play

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Google has rolled out merchant registration support for its Play marketplace in South Africa, reported Android Police.
Android smartphones have been available in South Africa for over eight years, but this is the first time local developers are able to sell their apps without registering an overseas company.
Previously, it was only possible for developers to offer free apps from South Africa.
The default currency will be rand, and developers will work with Google Commerce Limited for distribution.

Long wait
When Android smartphones from HTC launched locally in 2009, Google’s app marketplace was not available in SA.
This which was rectified by HTC distributor Leaf International Communications, but paid-for applications were blocked for years.

By 2012, both iOS and Android supported purchases in rand. Apple also allowed South African developers to list their iOS apps and charge for them.
Apple and Google’s streaming music services are also available in South Africa.
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