Submit your screenshots for Screenshot Friday

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While discussions surrounding what the ultimate goal of IGSA should be are still ongoing, I'm carrying on some work on Dislekcia suggested that this would be a good place to get a few screenshots, so if any of you have something you'd like to showcase, drop me a link in here and I'll make sure to post it this Friday.


  • What sorts of screenshots are you after? Anything development related, or are we talking specifically only in-game?

    I'm tempted to post a shot of our bug tracker after I update it with the week's bugs on thursday ;)
  • I'm thinking anything indie dev related.
  • Will drop link of picture when I have time.

    Just a side note though, on, where can we submit these links? You say to "drop us a message", but where? (I'm most likely looking at the button wondering where it is)
  • Hey man. Due to Afrihost being all they can be (annoying) the E-Mail addy isn't working yet. You can use the twitter / facebook links to get in contact though (bottom right).
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