Looking to gain experience.

Hello All,
I was wondering if anyone is willing to help me gain more experience with regards to coding(tutorials on youtube can only help so much)? I would say I'm above beginner level in Unity Script, C#, HTML, CSS, I did a SQL course on Codecademy and I'm currently doing a Codecademy course in Python. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • What are your goals?

    Have you tried making a game?

    The quickest and best way I've learned is trying to make something. Don't have an idea? Make Tetris. Make Space Invaders. Make anything that already exists. And I promise you you'll spin off into making something else while you're working on it.

    Game Jams are also great - do them whenever they come up.

    Google everything. I would say that's my primary skill in coding - the willingness to google whatever I don't know. I still google heavily every time I open up Unity.
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  • Pick up a copy of Unity and make a game prototype.
  • Where are you located? There's game jams that happen in different places in the country occassionally, where coders/artists get together and try make things (which is a good opportunity to ask questions and join teams and try out ideas).
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