Looking to gain experience.

Hello All,
I was wondering if anyone is willing to help me gain more experience with regards to coding(tutorials on youtube can only help so much)? I would say I'm above beginner level in Unity Script, C#, HTML, CSS, I did a SQL course on Codecademy and I'm currently doing a Codecademy course in Python. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • What are your goals?

    Have you tried making a game?

    The quickest and best way I've learned is trying to make something. Don't have an idea? Make Tetris. Make Space Invaders. Make anything that already exists. And I promise you you'll spin off into making something else while you're working on it.

    Game Jams are also great - do them whenever they come up.

    Google everything. I would say that's my primary skill in coding - the willingness to google whatever I don't know. I still google heavily every time I open up Unity.
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  • Pick up a copy of Unity and make a game prototype.
  • Where are you located? There's game jams that happen in different places in the country occassionally, where coders/artists get together and try make things (which is a good opportunity to ask questions and join teams and try out ideas).
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    Thanks for the feed back. To answer some of your questions: @Tuism my current goal is to learn and someday make it into the industry, I also use google a lot to help with my coding. The latest projects I've worked on was a small math puzzle and an app for a canceled event. @EvanGreenwood I'm currently located in Pretoria, and will keep an eye out for the jams.
  • Good luck @RubberDucky ... Yeah, doing some tutorials, maybe ones that end in a completish game, is a good start. Then if you join a jam there'll be a type of game you're already able to make.

    Obviously, when you feel confident, creatively modifying games to make new games is what you want to be working towards. Adding your own touches to tutorials is a useful place to start.
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