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some people brought it too my attention that i might get eye problems from spending a lot of time on the computer and started too feel it while i'm studying while my whole screen is white with black letters. So i found a program called Iris that changes the color of your screen and has a lot of different settings. Have anybody here heard of it or is using it themselves? Want to know if it works well or if it isn't even needed?


  • Yeah, that sounds like a good tool.

    I make sure my monitor fades to redder tones at night to help me sleep (blue light inhibits the onset of drowsiness). I am using Windows 10 these days which has basic support for red-shifting the screen built in. Though it sounds like Iris goes a lot further. I used to use a similar tool on a previous install of Windows.
  • I've been using flux (https://justgetflux.com/) which sounds like the same kind of thing, largely because I struggle to sleep at night. It's especially difficult working in art because of colour work being practically impossible while flux is active. (It has settings to automatically turn off while, for example, Photoshop is in the foreground, but then this kind of negates the point of using it in the first place, and I've just had to get into the habit of not doing colour-sensitive work at night.)

    I'm also supposed to rest your eyes by staring out into the distance for a minute or so once an hour of computer use, but that hasn't been happening either... :P

    I used to wear really thick glasses, but I've worn glasses since I was about 11 because of hereditary myopia. That combined with my not taking care of my eyes particularly well resulted in a prescription of about -7.5. I had LASIK done this year though, and I'm apparently down to 20/20, with mild (and fading) after effects of dry eyes. Which isn't to say you shouldn't take care of your eyes... but if you don't damage them too badly, and can afford moderately expensive surgery, there are ways to fix them. (First prize, obviously, would be healthy eyes in the first place.)
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  • Windows 10 has the night light feature which suppresses the blue lights.
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