[SA Game Jam 2017] Mr Goodhair

SA game Jam 2017

solo dude dev
78HR entry

default joystick or keyboard buttons

left or right movement

Game info
i heard about this game jam yesterday so i decided to make a simple crazy game about a lemon with good hair that happened to have misplaced his shampoo. So in order to stay looking good he has to get another shampoo but he has no money. so he set out to strike a deal with a vendor.


i was eating a lemon in the morning and my lady was busy looking for her shampoo, so i was like yeaah, why not.


this a simple traditional platformer where you move around the world and jump to collect coins needed by the vendor to give you shampoo.Hey, keep in mind that the dandruff business lords wont just let you destroy their business huh

download game


1440 x 900 - 153K


  • Hey, I gave this a quick play.

    - Add feedback to the jumps/landings. Since you have a static sprite as the character, it could just be a subtle height change animation of the character as it lands/jumps.
    - I kind of liked the collect, die, repeat, go left mechanic.
    - I often got stuck at the start with the red guys being there every time I spawned since they don't reset.
    - Would get my vote for best inspiration for the jam
    - Who eats lemons?
    Thanked by 1MA22KA_GAMES
  • I like the way you went for the story, echoes Bruce Bickford saying that one can make a story out of anything and if any one thinks otherwise that's their problem. The platforming is solid but I think that the enemies should reset to their original positions or something, I got caught in a brutal loop and my frustration got the better of me!
    Well done for making the thing!
    Thanked by 1MA22KA_GAMES
  • Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I will add more to the game and reset those enemies they do too much damage.

    ( Lemon in the morning is good health practice) lol
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