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SA game Jam 2017
Get Rekt

First year Students
48HR entry

Angel Webber - Artist
James Rebello - Artist
Tristan Thompson - Programmer
Thashil Maharaj - Programmer
Aaron van de Heever - Music

WASD - control
Q - Dash
Get Rekt.zip


  • 8pm talk about timing
    Thanked by 1japiegreeff
  • DEV CHANGES #1 Adding the UI we accidentally disabled
    Oh and use your mouse to kill things
    in the next patch well have progress of your health because right now it looks like you die randomly
    Get Rekt.zip
  • I like where this is going. But it seems like whatever you collect you end up with the same weapon?

    I assume you guys ran out of time. It's a rad concept though.
  • @EvanGreenwood there are actually 3 weapons that can be obtained it based on an average system that determines what weapon you get depending on the items you get we just made it to hard to obtain the other weapons
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