[SA Game Jam 2017] Gravitron

Game Jam: SA Game Jam Cape Town (Free Lives - Bandwidth Barn)
Project Name: Gravitron

Level of Experience: Hobbyist
Entry: 48hr

Hi there, we're a two man team from Cape Town. First time at a Game Jam - had a load of fun and really learnt a lot. Hope you guys enjoy what we've made :)

The game is Gravitron, a physics and gravity based game. It is a co-op, so grab a buddy as some levels are impossible without a friend. It also makes use of gamepads.

The Team:
Duncan Fraser
Paul Myburgh

Fingers crossed, the re-uploaded version should have the controller issues sorted out :)

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  • Thanks for the submission! Please add your names as well :)
  • This was really fun :)
  • Glad you enjoyed it @StormGaveDev! :)
  • This was cool, almost meditative, I only played one player which probably skews my opinion on it but I'm also torn between wanting to see what a one player puzzle-esque version of this would be like, vs the 2 player mode at the moment, also good jam design in allowing players to progress even if they don't meet the objective of the level especially for someone like myself playing it one player it allowed me to experience more of the game that as you said if I didn't have another player I could have gotten stuck on a level and not progressed so that was a nice little touch.

    So yeah it was cool all in all, would like to see where you take this :D
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  • Thanks for your feedback @Sean_Goncalves!

    I understand wanting the single player mode, and perhaps its something we can add in as a side - as a stream of levels / worlds purpose built for that. But we really enjoyed the co-op nature of the game we created, and from a development perspective it's quite fun as well being a two man team - playing and testing out mechanics at the same time. Not to mention that I personally love couch co-op games and feel the genre is a little lacking.

    Co-op also opens up an entirely new world of possibilities when it comes to the puzzles.

    We are actually quite excited for where this game could go. Didn't really expect much going into the jam, but we came out with something we're quite proud of and really want to take it further from here. It's cool to hear you enjoyed it and want to see more as well - we'll be sure to keep you updated :)
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