[SA Game Jam 2017] W E I G H T L E S S 1 9 8 3

- SA Game Jam 2017
- W E I G H T L E S S 1 9 8 3
- Hobbyist n00bs
- 48hr entry


  • What are we but mass? Float around space. Feel the pull of gravity. Lose pieces of yourself to move.

    Keys are W,A,D and up, left, right

    Only got a mac version for now coz we don't know how this works. Sorry :)
    W E I G H T L E S S 1 9 8 3.app.zip
  • Ok so we aren't too sure about the licensing of that sweet background music so we changed it
    W E I G H T L E S S 1 9 8 3.app.zip
  • Oh cool - someone showed us how :) Here is an archive with both pc and mac builds
  • Okay so I'm a little confused as to what the end goal of the game is, is there one? or are you just trying to achieve the greatest mass where there isn't an end goal? but I'd really like to know; cause it seems really interesting like what am I trying to achieve in moving? is it just to collect pills to grow? let me know definitely keen to give it another go with a little clarification on that. :D

    Also you seem to have a bug that if you hold up/w too long you launch yourself off of the map basically breaking the game. but yeah like I said keen to play it again let me know :D
  • I experienced the same issue with launching myself out the game scope, bouncing around like a pinball machine.

    I like the look and feel of the game.
    The gravity was too linear in my experience, so it became harder to really control my world. That partial mass emission force and the gravity of the other bodies may need some balancing.

    A more defined goal would also help with motivation to play. Perhaps different goals even for different results (becoming a stable life giving planet, black hole, sun, etc.)

    Well done! And will keep an eye out for updates.
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