[SA Game Jam 2017] Super Monk Armada


Here is my entry for the hobbyist category, Super Monk Armada!

Project name: Super Monk Armada
Experience: Hobbyist
48hr entry

So there's quite a lot I still wanted to do but then it was 03:30 and my brain was pretty much non-existent! Off to visit my grandparents today, hopefully if I get back before the deadline I'll have some time to implement some last minute changes.

Things I still want(ed) to implement:
Startup screen
More sounds
Some music
Graphics for "Health" and "Generals Captured"

Hopefully you get some enjoyment out of this!

EDIT: Ok, managed to implement some last minute changes!

Added Time Limit
Added music to main gameplay section
Balanced out sound volumes a bit
Added restart button (thanks @flobar! )
corrected mistakes at control screen

Updated attachment with new build!

Oh btw, all assets used were created by me (except for the font, should I credit that?)

falling 2017-09-03 10-03-51-08.jpg
1600 x 900 - 101K
falling 2017-09-03 10-03-47-59.jpg
1600 x 900 - 46K
Super Monk Armada.zip
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  • Unique concept. I really like the simplistic characters. When you die there's no way to restart though.
    Thanked by 1SleepingSafari
  • Hi @flobar,

    Thanks for playing! Added a restart button :) thanks for reminding me!

    Updated attachment with new build!
  • Hi, your intro story and terms like "Cuff Dash" is great and very unique. I love those zeppelins. Your artwork is fun too.

    I would have loved to be able to do a slight double jump or boost upwards to correct a missed general, without reducing the difficulty somehow, maybe at some kind of cost.
    Thanked by 1SleepingSafari
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    Thanks for playing, and the kind words @konman!

    Haha glad you like the art. It's quite simple but I've kind of grown to like it :)

    Yeah the idea was that you were constantly in a fall, and the boost only helped you dash sideways (while still falling). That being said, shoes fitted with rockets would probably enable you to boost upwards haha... admittedly this game is not too sensible :)

  • This was a neat little game, cool experience, yeah the opening sequence with the zeppelins was really pretty the music is cool as well, all in all a dope little prototype, and with a few little tweaks it could be a nice little solid game. good work :D
    Thanked by 1SleepingSafari
  • I really liked the art and the bit of world building. I just wanted to know more about the backstory.
    I did get the feeling though, after a couple playthroughs, that the time limit didn't matter as long as I hit the first 10 monks, as if I missed one I would run out of time.
    I think that the game could have benefitted from an increase of speed as you play, maybe tied to a mechanic to slow it down.

    Well done! And we need to know more about these monks, and who they are attacking, and why, and, and... All the things.
    Thanked by 1SleepingSafari
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    Thanks for the kind words @Sean_Goncalves! Glad you like the zeppelins haha. Originally wanted to make that a much longer cutscene where the COLLECTOR and his commander had a little dialogue before the game began... but time. As it is now, I think it's still a bit short. You don't really get a lot of time to view that scene. Don't know if you noticed the little guy falling out the middle Zeppelin lol?

    Thanks @Thelangfordian! Yes, that's true. If you missed one monk then the time would have run out. I felt it was too easy otherwise and did have time to play around with varying the challenge. Definitely wanted to implement increased speed, as your character is essentially "falling". But got sidetracked... quite difficult to juggle the various disciplines of designing a game! One things I've learned in this jam is to try and keep your ambitions in check! Also, noticed that even though the Monks and Generals are set to spawn randomly, it keeps using the same seed, so the spawn pattern remains the same.

    Thanks for playing and input! Much appreciated!
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