[SA Game Jam 2017] Trashcan Stan

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Project Name: Trashcan Stan
Experience: Professional (?)
72hr Entry

Hello everyone!
Pleasure to be part of the jam, looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
Our team is starting with a simple concept, revolving around a poem and character.
We'd like to introduce you to our beloved hero, Trashcan Stan:
Part I:
Trashcan Stan, the garbage man was born with a bag and broom in hand.
Traveled far across the land, collecting junk as oft he can.

Why? Demand the folk at hand. None of them could understand.
What command would make a man act like dear old Trashcan Stan?
Could he have some master plan for scraps and socks and frying pans?

Even fans would reprimand the nature of his landfill's span.
Out of hand, it crowds the land, and so the people took a stand.
Junk was banned from dear Spokane by decree of Councilman.

Thus his smelly refuse van was sent behind the big mountain.
There he sat in brown and tan, with his litter caravan.
From tip-top, he tried to scan the state of people so urban.
Thinking of a cunning plan to win a place back in the clan.

What would make them comprehend that he wasn't just sham.
How for an unusual man, he'd only tried to win Joanne.
That he'd spent his whole lifespan, collecting gifts for the woman.
Boiled eggs and baked pecan, coats and rakes, shoes from Milan.

Then while biting into flan, Trashcan Stan's had found his plan.
Off his seat, he rose to stand, at first he walked and then he ran.
Down the hill with bags in hand, from peak to trough to start the van.
He drove back into dear Spokane pushing the lead fast as one can.

He'd give Jerome some marzipan, a pink afghan for sweet Luanne.
Repairman Ed, a spanning ram, and Gordon kits for magicians.
For Mary, Jake, and his wife Jan, Barb and Dan, Anne, Brahn, and Franz.
He'd end it just like it began, with gifts to those he'd hoped be friends.
We've also got an early screenshot to share:

We're still trying to figure out how things look/play in-game.
Though, we're going to be focusing on collecting as means to distribution.

Let us know what you think, we're really open to suggestion!


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