[SA Game Jam 2017] These Idiots Need You

Hello friends, and Free Lives.
We wish you all luck in the competition.
The following is the Freest entry for the SA Game Jam 2017:

These Idiots Need You
[download link]

Please collect your constructive criticism in the replies.



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    Welcome to the forums @Yudas_Daeva !

    Wow, you really nailed the caricatures of the team. I LOVE the way this is rendered, and those dance moves are incredible. (Looks like Puppet Master, the movements have such a rad jitter-corpse feel to them)

    Wish Leeroy was animated, he felt a little out of place. I'm attaching a rigged version of Leeroy we used in a game jam previously.

    Also, as per real life, Filip stole the show. (or perhaps he just talks the most like a speech-bot to begin with?)

    If you're looking for constructive criticism, I feel like the surprise was the weakest elements, though the final scene makes up for it. I felt that the start of the experience was a really brilliant parody, which made the surprise a disappointing moment. On a purely personal level this would be exactly the kind of thing I'd want to promote and share, up until the surprise, after which point the tone of the experience felt as much spite as satire (like the way some game developers make Trump-Whack-A-Mole games, which are cathartic, but don't actually say anything other than "We don't like Trump").

    Though honestly, I'm not sure I know what would have worked better there, and I realize this was done in the constraints of a game jam. Also, I don't know if I'm too close to the subject matter to know what works here.

    But there's a ton to love about this. I was crying with laughter when I first played it.
  • Why would you assume spite, @EvanGreenwood?

    Valuable Opinion (DLC Expansion)
    [download link]

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  • Hahaha this was brilliant xD
  • Wtf did I just play. lol
  • That was bizarre, but hilarious. However I agree with Evan that the surprise was a let down, and sort of ruined it.
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  • Actually no. I didn't like this at all. I won't beat around the bush.

    Parody is parody. This work is obviously not made by your usual suspects that participate in a jam. This is made by someone with a bone to pick that has admittedly has a fair bit of experience (the eyes need work dude) in some modelling and animation, but i think their expertise is better spent, let's say making a game or something in the studio they are currently deployed at, rather than trying to send some obscure/ hurtful message.

    To me it started out funny too, right? "These idiots"? Who are they referring to? "Us" the game jammers or the FL team?

    And no the "surprise " is not cool.

    Maybe the person/person(s) who made this can come up with something more constructive rather than paint their own jealous, arrogant and self serving message on a community event that hosts student/hobbyist participants learning the ropes and enjoying game development in general.

    freedom of speech, right?
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    @Yudas_Daeva Sorry, I think you misunderstood me. I didn't assume spite, what I said was the "the tone of the experience felt as much spite as satire". @konman and @roguecode clearly perceived this shift in tone as well.

    I know I'm overexplaining a bit here now, but, to be clear, a perfectly well intended work can have a spiteful tone, and assuming your intent isn't spiteful, then I'd also assume you'd want feedback that the tone of your work is misaligned with your intentions.

    Also, for anyone who does play the game and feels it's a bit pointed, this is satire we've deserved for a long time :)
  • @konman, you raise a good question.

    Who do you think the idiots are, @EvanGreenwood?
  • @Yudas_Daeva It's your "game". Maybe you can enlighten us?
  • I got the impression that the idiots were Freelives, since we're watching a scenario about a fairly unproductive meeting and frustratingly/ironically the viewer can't help. Also, there is a seemingly unintentional reference to Freelives being very driven by community feedback.

    BTW, a comment on the dialog. I think it would have been funnier (and support the parody aspect) to have more direct references to games. Like when [can't remember who it was] was forced to give an idea, it could have been something like "Fine! Dicks going into anuses or something I guess. Whatever, as long as it ends this meeting.".
    (unless FL is making a dinosaur game I haven't heard of)
  • I must admit, the astronaut dinosaur game idea they mention does have some merit. I might just build a prototype... @Yudas_daeva would you like to collaborate?
  • I think it was an accurate depiction of me to be honest, well done! even has my walker in it!
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