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Hi Keagan here,
I'm looking for someone who would like to help me out with making games. I've got a bit of code experience in Unity but I haven't released a full game. I'm not settling on anything specific as far as game design because a want to collaborate on that end too. I am hoping to keep the first project short like a month max, ideally a week or two. You don't have to be a coder. I'm open to any help at this point really. Even if you're really just starting out at whatever aspect of game creation you're interested in, please don't hesitate to respond.
Regards to the game community of SA!


  • Hi there I started on the project alone this week. I want to share what I have come up with so far and see if there is anyone who would maybe like to work with me next week on this project.

    I don't really have a playable game as of know but I have implement a few components that could be used to assemble a level of sorts. so if there is anyone around looking for a project feel free to post here please.

    I'm just going to try and explain the game a little. It's a top-down game where you don't directly control the player, but you use force to push the player around the level. The player is a box. It's kinda random sounding but I hope to explore the theme of collection (that was the theme for the SA game jam) by being a box collecting stuff. that's not yet implemented. All that is implemented so far are things like walls that bounce the player around the map, interact-able switches that are connected to an activateable like a turret or mine, proximity mines and a Bombing zone where the player has to avoid being killed by bombs. So like I said not really a game yet... but if you don't like the sound of this and still want to collaborate with someone I am not too committed to this project and would be open to developing something new!

    Here are some screenshots

    1366 x 768 - 303K
    1366 x 768 - 180K
    1366 x 768 - 165K
    1366 x 768 - 190K
  • It looks and sounds interesting. I have only seen a few that fit the criteria of only pushing the player around. I bought some of them and played them through and it was great the first time but what can help games like this: Will you have levels generated randomly as well as fixed levels? You don't need to worry if you aren't generating random levels, it's just out of interest.
  • I don't want to generate levels randomly, I want to include puzzle elements. I am not sure if I have the skill to randomly generate puzzles. I want to build handcrafted levels, where the design is very intentional. Perhaps a solution might be to create the action sequences randomly generated and then incorporate the hand-designed puzzle areas into the levels and pre-made components if that makes any sense? But that is way out of scope for the time being. I have only been working on this game since Tuesday so I have no idea where it could go. If I can get help from a programmer I want to build a custom level-editor - for some reason that aspect interests me more than the programming of the game itself, but anyway that would allow me to make levels efficiently enough that I don't think I would desire to use any random-generation. But if you know someone who knows about programming randomly generated levels then give me a shout. I plan to do weekly update's of the game's development in this discussion for however long I am interested in this project. Thanks for the comment!
  • Awesome!

    I worded it slightly weird since "what can help games like this" wasn't forcing random generation to be the need (I just looked and saw that's roughly what I did) - its more checking fixed levels vs. Random gen. Games like this have strengths and weaknesses - it is easier to make it strong play in fixed levels. If it is random gen it was only checking since for random gen you should rather regularly have us help testing. When making completely random gen play you will have seen it internationally: Companies spent months adjusting generation of "random" levels (easiest example in Minecraft, their generation is SOOO different to the first generation but roughly complete now). We can still have random gen in the future, its just to share that it is roughly difficult and might take longer to fit in.

    Random gen is difficult to work out completely on your own, hence the double check. We have several people and companies involved in MGSA that have already done random gen. All you need is to have the game feel "fun", you don't have to worry about "generation". If you want random gen all that we add is: Rather discuss it a bit here and it will help creating "random gen" - it can be better to "finish" fixed generation first. We have experienced that over years in some cases. [Sigh at my English, funny reasons]

    [personal side: I made a game "sokobomber" and I've spent months trying random generation for myself this year, although everything is new to me due to unfortunate circumstances. For instance I had rough random generation but didn't save it to my github and had my hardware completely die - several repairs since March when it was damaged in a lightning strike. Just know that fixed levels will be better to show good gameplay at the start, random gen is possible but can take longer if it is done by yourself. This was roughly my first complete attempt]
  • I would like to take a look at Spelunky. Since there levels have puzzle elements but way in the future. I hope that as I show the game more and more input will come in from MGSA and help shape the game. Where can I get a hold of your game Sokobomber? I would like to play it if it's available. Yeah my goals for now are finishing something. This is the first little game that I've shown anyone in fact so I would really be happy just to put this on Itch or something.
  • The easiest for sharing games with us: even if not completely playable - share it here, potentially with a "playable" version. We can play test and give feedback.

    I have it on github:

    Hopefully in a few hours I have brought back the adjustments and changes (lost SO MUCH code this year unfortunately). SokoBomber was on the windows store and unfortunately I spent months attempting to prove I'm older than 18 and the games (there were more) are appropriate for all audiences. Kept passing validation for "adding the age rating" and then it was removed for "not having an age rating". So the public github version is all there is currently. Nevermind I keep attempting to activate my Unity but it updates to a newer version and goes "you don't have a license" - I've contacted them but I've been waiting for months for them to come back. New SokoBomber will be XNA/MonoGame.
  • Hey sorry for the short reply today but I wanted to say that I had a similar problem. It always tells me that, then I sign into my Unity account and everything is fine after that. You have probably tried that but just in case you didn't bother I thought I'd mention it.
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