Datahunter [Let's Make Typing Games Jam 2017] - Feedback

Hi there!

I made a game, DATAHUNTER, for the "Let's Make Typing Games Jam 2017" and would love some feedback! As my interest in game design is mostly in the writing/narrative field, would especially like to hear your thoughts on that. The actual gameplay is quite simple, and you can probably complete the game in less than a minute.

But any and all feedback welcome!

You are applying for a job as a "Datahunter" at Georgewell Inc. To be eligible for the position you must pass their "Alphanumerical Manual Input Test".

Here's a link to the project page, but included build here as well:



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    Hi, just 'finished' the game, but I'm not really sure what you want feedback on. Concept is ok and a lot can be done with it, but there is no content there, two paragraphs as an introduction and that's it, followed by pressing ~10 keys.

    If you wanna take this further, below are some suggestions.
    -Make the letters spell out a word, ask for that word after the last letter
    -Make the letters appear as different colors and require the user to input the adjacent letter on the keyboard
    -Make use of sound, beep when the letter is supposed to be a capital
    -Tie the spelled out words to some sort of meta gameplay, for instance pick a theme, give the user clues to that theme with the words you use, then ask him to guess the theme from a few suggestions
    -Add a speed typing mode, give the player a word and a set time to enter it
    -Make it get harder, to the point of the user failing, then give them a score
    -Maybe add some sort of story, you get the 'job', use synonyms and other word play for some sort of 'datamining' gameplay
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    HI @critic, thanks for the feedback!

    Yeah, wanted to take it much further but unfortunately only had a day before jam deadline.

    Story-wise, Georgewell Inc. has three pillars: Detect, Observe, and Record. Each pillar has its respective employees: a Detector, an Eye, and a Datahunter. The idea was, you're a Datahunter and you have to record all the info your Eye "observes" and passes on to you. And you will only have a limited time-window to record each phrase/word, otherwise your target/enemy detects your access. This "application" would basically be a mini-tutorial.

    Regarding gameplay, wanted to take it to a point where you have to complete whole phrases by typing the letters in the correct order, and getting "error" for each mistake, which deducts from your time limit. Then afterwards rearrange the phrases to "complete" the documentation.

    Unfortunately, didn't have nearly have enough time!

    Thanks again for the feedback! Really liked your idea of colours denoting different actions!

    Know it doesn't seem like much but helps a beginner like me a lot. For one, I'll make sure to post something further from its infancy before requesting feedback :)


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  • @SleepingSafari I rather liked this actually. I sat there grinning like a fool while being a test subject and scolded myself
    silently for getting 70. The computer booting up, the instructions and doing the actual test is very interesting I thought.
    The fact I'm interacting with a computer in the game while sitting in front of a computer never gets old and i think that has been explored in other prototypes here as well.

    I think anyone should be able to post their work no matter how early that work might be.
    Man you are getting better at an exponential rate. This reminds me I must check your Jam game when I get a chance too.
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  • @konman glad you liked it!

    Yeah the computer within a computer has definitely been done before and I've always quite liked those types of games (or something like Sarah is Missing that takes place on a mobile). Thought it would be interesting approach for typing game :)

    Thanks dude! Trying to take part in game jams more, really a great way to push yourself and learn new skills
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