[New Release] ToepieTyd (and the story behind it)

Hi guys,

So we recently released a game on behalf a client and I thought I'd share the story behind it, how this game came to be was not our normal process.

The client had created all the art, game design and sound... and it was actually pretty good all things considered just needed some minor polish (there is more to this story but professional courtesy limits me from saying more).

The game itself was really simple (aimed at 3 year olds), so I decided that we'd build the game for free for her, and in that way our juniors could learn a bit about making a game from beginning to end, and the client would get to see their vision come to fruition, without spending 10's of thousands of rands to make a game that may or may not generate any revenue (there is, of course, an upside to us if it does by chance sell well).


The game contains several variations of a click and learn game, with a test mode for each (parents can email themselves the results at the end).

The game ships with a single unlocked level, if the parents wish they can unlock all the levels for a single purchase of R45.

android link available here:


  • This was a great learning experience for us on many levels, not least of which being an actual project that Kelly could do that was easy enough to learn how to make a game and get it shipped.

    It's easy, it's fun, it's safe and it's educational. Exactly what many parents are looking for. It always helps having a client that knows their target market will in order to ensure we're not stepping outside of the desired age range with any of the interactions.

    Some of the devs in the office actually learnt some new Afrikaans words from this too ;)
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