Sketch Happens - a new game from Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic are about to move into beta on our latest release, Sketch Happens and I wanted to share this to get thoughts/feedback as well as a ton of beta testers.

Sketch Happens

From Hitler in a green bikini to Mona Lisa with moustache - draw on iconic archival images with your most witty doodle ever and vote for the funniest sketch before the timer runs out!

- Draw on images & photographs with your own satirical sketches.
- Play up to 8 players at the same time, either locally at a dinner party, or online with weirdos and strangers.
- Vote for the player entry that tickles your funny bone or appeals to your sense of humour most.
- Share images and gifs of your hilarious drawings for your own entertainment or for the trolling of others.
- Unlock a variety of image packs, challenge friends of various drawing abilities, and entertain yourselves for hours!

- We're releasing in beta in under 2 weeks. We want as many people as possible. Let. Us. Know.
- Release = when beta peeps say it's awesome.

Your next dinner party, lunch break, or queue at the cafeteria will never be this humourous, this unpolitically correct or this offensive!

As you play, the game generates gifs of your drawing which you can save. As a sneak peak, these are some of my favourite ones from todays testing.


Sketch Happens - Putin.gif
801 x 512 - 272K
Sketch Happens - Trump.gif
801 x 512 - 224K


  • don't know who your target market is with this, but not sure if the 2 examples above is the best ideas you could have used for marketing. Seems tasteless and sorry to say quite stupid. Just a single opinion though and i'm probably not your target market (30 yo white male). Good luck with title
  • I'm in my late 20s, and in my group of friends when we play Drawful there is still generally someone who makes their profile drawing a penis. So, I reckon this would appeal completely to them.
    Anyway what is quite cool about games like this is that you can completely target marketing to each audience. So these images above could be for Reddit, then more arty ones for instagram etc.
  • well I can appreciate that you can use different pics for different groups. I like the idea of the game, just didn't appreciate the sexist and hitler jokes used here. Guess it's for people that also see no fault in taking a stab at mental disabilities or religions too. if this was all I ever saw about this game, i wouldn't touch it. Sony has a similar title, but their marketing focusses on the party element and not at what is actually being sketched. I would rather spend my money on that even though it's essentially the same game.
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  • I also don't like the humour portrayed in these ads. But then I would also say I'm not sure if I would enjoy this kind of game myself... I don't like Cards Against Humanity and I know tons of people who do, so... who knows.
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  • Looks amazing and the ads are hilarious (not that you really asked for opinions on the marketing content)

    This could do really well especially for really artsy types and like @roguecode also said - those who are obsessed with drawing genitals on everything.

    I'd love to test it out.
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  • Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    I've been working on Sketch Happens since its inception. Right now we are busy selecting out different audiences as @roguecode suggested. Reddit is a big one. Not being a major redditor myself, I'd be grateful to get suggestions on good subreddits in which to post and a general "marketing" approach to the platform (Reddit feels very unsuited to a direct "Look at me!" approach).

    Your feedback on the gameplay experience would be greatly valued, whether the humor appeals or not. We hope to have beta builds sent out in roughly one week. So sign up to our mailing list if you are interested.

    Here are a two gifs promoting images from our "Old Photos" pack.


    801 x 512 - 346K
    801 x 512 - 282K
  • Wolfbeard said:
    I'd love to test it out.
    Awesome, will you please send me your email and preferred platform (Android or Apple)?
    Ideally we need another few people with you as it's a multiplayer game and since it's early days we have no online audience for you to just join. Could you get more people and PM me or Gnoblar_agency.
  • I'd also love to test (as I love these type of games), but I don't have a fancy phone :P
  • Dear Fans and Haters. I am easily bored, readily offensive and obviously biased, but I've been playtesting Sketch Happens every day for a few weeks now and I've still got so much terrible drawing left in me. But just to appease the kiddies who run to mummy when they can't take a little bit of un-pc dirt, here's a jockey riding a sentient hotdog.
    Sketch Happens can be adorable and lighthearted to- it's how YOUR IMAGINATION treats it that makes the game fun!
    =^ v ^=

  • Protip: calling people names is definitely not one way of winning them over :)
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