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  • From a professional design perspective: Too complicated, and does not have "one easy concept" for people to grasp. Look at any logo you like out there. See what they are. Why they're all simple.

    From a personal project and enjoying whatever the hell you like perspective: Enjoy whatever the hell you like! :)
  • I agree with the character being a bit too complicated. But the biggest problem for me, is that when I first looked at this (on my small phone) I thought the brown text was poo.
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  • Agree with sentiments about the logo (try to simplify it down). Regards the name, I see you already have the .com domain which is excellent and I always advise to secure the domain name of your company before actually registering it.

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  • Yep, the font style plus colour also gave me the poop impression.
  • Absolutely agree with @LexAquillia on the domain - though I will add one thing - try to have a name that won't be easily misspelt. "clik" isn't ideal as the instinctive spelling of it is "click", so just consider changing that, though I understand it's not always easy to find domains for popular names. Explaining to people consistently "click with just a K" can work but is often going to be an extra step in communication.
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    A definite improvement, the core concept has a focus. Though now the presence of is quite glaring in how it doesn't contribute to the core concept. But that's neither here nor there since you've set on the name.

    The wiggly lines feel unfinished and rough rather than indie and non-conformist, which I'm guessing is the identity you wanted to try convey. Stroked outlines are usually bad, especially if it feels messy and difficult to read. I think the "foot" part can easily be made in a solid colour rather than the outlined strokes you have there.
  • Really like the last version with the white background. I do kinda agree about the wiggly lines looking a bit unfinished although I do like the fact that the "F" looks a bit like a hand :)
  • Hey! The one with the eyelashes reminded me of this :)

    Not sure if it's a useful suggestion at all, but the two "O"s of the eyes could also be formed of a pelvis bone, that's if you didn't want to have cute eyes in the logo.

    I know it's very difficult critique to incorporate, but the typography at the moment feels a bit rough and unfinished. I don't know what vibe you are trying to give off... I assume you're not trying to seem like a serious company with a logo like this, it definitely portrays you as fun or even funny?

    Though I think if you are trying to seem fun or funny, there are ways of treating the font that could look a bit more professional, even just adding some detail to the brush strokes you already have to make it feel a bit more 'worked'.

    I'm attaching some fonts that might give you ideas. Again, I don't know what attitude you're trying to present in this logo, but I think there's room to refine the typography (and the illustration) a bit further.

    350 x 362 - 56K
    804 x 400 - 113K
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