Sound Designer available for Free Lives game jam

Hey everyone, new here on the forums. I really would like to participate in the Free Lives game Jam, just thought I would post that I am available that weekend to join a team or two and I would love to connect with some people that need audio work done.

You can see some of my work on my website here;

I look forward to hearing from the community attending the jam.


  • Awesome! It's probably worth mentioning where you're located in South Africa, in case people would like to jam alongside you (and I didn't see your location mentioned on your website either).

    If you're jamming in Cape Town, at the Bandwidth Barn, I'll see you there!
  • Hey Evan. Oops, forgot to mention, I'm currently based in the Free State, but I'm close enough to Joburg to get there easily for the Jam. Will RSVP as soon as I have travel arrangements sorted. I also travel to Cape town often enough, so hopefully I'll see you at a future jam!
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