Goethe-Institut launches brand new Gamebox & Hub space in Joburg

Including a state-of-the-art gaming facility and a hub, the space is designed for Joburg’s gamers, developers and creative professionals.

Open Day on Saturday 29 July from 15.30
Goethe-Institut, 119 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg

Facebook event


· Enter the brand new Gamebox and discover the latest from the world of video games, including Virtual Reality
· Try out a range of analogue games or jump into a Cosplay costume
· Apply for a space in the new hub, which offers working spaces for individuals and collectives from the creative world

Since this week, proposals for the hub are being accepted – so if you (or someone you know) are running a tech-driven creative start-up and looking for a place to work that comes with

• Free rent, electricity and WiFi
• organized networking events
• and a mentor to help you with your business

you should consider applying for one of the 8 workspaces for six months. Click here for the application form.


  • If you have any ideas for gaming events or other projects that you would like to see happening in the new gamebox-hub, please comment here, or, even better, come through on Saturday from 15.30 to meet the organisers in person.
  • @tuism and I attended this opening on Saturday. There were some great ideas to break the ice with new people. Thanks, @Goethe_GameboxHub :)

    This is a really nice space, and the folks we spoke to at the venue were really enthusiastic about hosting events there. The co working space is great, so if it looks like something your project could use, seriously consider applying. There's also a big hall with space for a good number of tables that will make for a decent jam venue.
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  • Exactly what @mattbenic said, I especially like all the beer that's on tap there :)

    (just kidding :P)
  • Hehe. Someone asked about that actually. Being a German cultural institute the lack of beer was surprising. Their kiosk just isn't licensed :P
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