Running Rugby (Android game completed project)

Hello Everyone

I finally finished my current project and would like to share it with you folk. It is a little rugby game where the aim is to guide your 3 players to the try line and score tries. It's got a campaign mode with 60 levels and a chaos mode where you compete for the top spot on a global leader-board.
You have an option between on-screen or swipe controls.
Learned quite a lot from this one and can take all that knowledge forward into my next project.
The biggest lesson learned for me was screen sizes. The game runs fine on phones, but is zoomed in a bit too much on tablets, but still playable. Will make sure that does not happen next time. :)
If you are interested you can check the game out at:

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  • @dcadjust Great job! Congrats on completing a project and launching it. Looks fantastic and as you say you learnt a lot making it. Gfx is minimalist but functional and the sound & music...very cool. My first points/try felt oooya! I see you've implemented AdMob as well.

    Would be curious to know if you are planning to do more google android games in the future (the whole effort vs reward thing becomes an issue after the first 1 or 2 of those) or if you are planning to look at other platforms (like PC) in that regard instead.

    PS: I also did a little infinite runner game for Android with Admob awhile back (not as good as yours), hence my curiosity about what you plan to do next. Thanks for sharing your work :)
  • Hi Konman

    Thanks for the feedback. Ye, you are right, a lot of work went into this even if it is a small game and I made all of R3 in ad revenue (so far), but that's ok, the knowledge gained is worth a lot. This is actually my 4th Android game. I unpublished the first 3 because they were of dubious quality. As long as each game is a bit better than the last then at least we are moving in the right direction.
    My current project is a game for Steam. It is called Cyber Drift (name may change) and its a top down futuristic racer with a twist. Will show it here on the forums in the coming weeks. It will have achievements and that's all I can say for now :)
    I've installed your game on my tab and will give it a go when I get home this afternoon. Thanks for trying out Running Rugby :)
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