SFA Super Cozy Arcade and Super Cozy Jam!

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I'm stoked to announce that Super Friendship Arcade, Cape Town's favourite experimental games party is back! On Saturday, the 5th of August, we'll be invading A Touch Of Madness for our next event; Super Cozy Arcade!

In preparation, we'll be getting together this Sunday, at Touch Of Madness to make new games, build new controllers and create some decor. Please join us for Super Cozy Jam!

Otherwise, if anyone has been working on any fun/ weird/ multiplayer/ party games (or anything else that you feel could be a good fit on the night) please let us know. We'd love to check them out!

Full event descriptions below:

Super Cozy Arcade:


Super Friendship Arcade. Cape Town's favourite video game punk party is back! Join us as we cuddle up for our snuggest celebration yet, SUPER COZY ARCADE!

Red-hot experimental video games!
Steamy multiplayer experiences!
Cuddley custom game controllers!
Heart-warming DIY decor!
Toasty, free high fives!

Wanna get involved in making this magic come together? Come make things with us this Sunday at Super Friendship Arcade: Super Cozy Jam!

Spread the word, tell all your friends, bundle up, prepare for the most cozy alternative games party ever and get down to Super Cozy Arcade!


Confused about WTF Super Friendship Arcade is?

SFA is a series of pop up events designed to paint video games in a new light, break down pre-exsisting ideas of who games are for, grow more diverse communites of game makers and game developers, turn strangers into friends and generally save The World through the powers of kindness, rebelion and creativity!

Be excellent to each other!

Super Cozy Jam:


In preparation of Super Cozy Arcade (the next celebration from experimental party punx, Super Friendship Arcade), join us in making things at Super Cozy Arcade!

Join the Superfriends in making:
* Radical new multiplayer games!
* Mind-melting custom controllers!
* Heart-warming DIY decor!

In an unpressedented SFA first, we're able to host the jam at the very same venue as the actual Arcade! This means you can test out your creations in the space that people will experience them on the big night! Bonus round! A Touch of Madness also serves awesome food and beverages! No need to interupt your creative rampage!

Wondering what to bring?

Essential items:
Fun ideas!

... that's it! Just pull through and make things with us! There are some extra items that would be handy on the day, so based on what you want to make, if possible, please consider bringing along the following:

Decor Jammers:
Crafting Supplies
Cardboard Boxes
String or wool
Coloured Cardboard
Fishing Line
Scrap material
Random decor-able stuff that feels cozy!

Contoller Jammers:
Soldering Irons
Buttons, switches or joysticks
Makey Makeys/ IPACs/ old keyboards

Game Jammers:
Laptops w/ relevant software

This news is going live pretty last minute, so please please please help us out by inviting your friends spreading the word!

See you soon Superfriends!


  • Made a promo video for the big night!

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  • Just two days until Super Cozy Arcade! If you're Cape Town based, it'll well worth checking out!

    Here's a quick gif with photos from our last event:

  • Hey, so, painfully noobie question from someone who's never attended a jam: on a scale of Skeleton key to E-toll license disk in Cape Town, how useless is a digital artist at this event if their rig isn't mobile?
  • @Wes_Matthews the jam happened on July 23rd - so bringing your rig to the party on Saturday would probably not be useful :P.
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  • Lmao, noted. Thanks. ^_^
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  • Sorry you missed the jam @Wes_Matthews - don't miss out on the main event tomorrow night!

    For future jams you are;

    A) ...totally welcome to bring along a desktop if you have one and feel like lugging it around.

    B) ... definitely encouraged to come jam regardless of what equipment you have access to. SFA is all about growing the community by lowering the barriers of entry that people generally associate with making games. No one should be put off if they don't have access to a laptop/ tablet/ phone (or anything else) to work on; as mentioned in the jam's description, the only things you need are yourself, fun ideas and enthusiasm to put them in to action!
  • The party was soooo good last night. Super rad games, super rad people and a super rad venue! The Friendship Arcade team!
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  • Yeah, it was really excellent! Major thanks and high fives to everyone that created things for the party!

    We got to show off 5 brand new games and 3 brand new custom controllers made by the community, plus some other great SA titles, some of our older controllers and some really exciting titles from abroad. We're waiting on some photos and then I'll share a bit of a breakdown of all the cool stuff that we had on show. For now, I just wanted to echo @EvanGreenwood's super-posive report; Super Cozy Arcade was sooooo good!
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