Figuring out a date for another South African game jam.

Free Lives wants to hold (and sponsor) another SA Game Jam, like the one held last year.

Like last year there will be prizes for a number of categories, like best student game, best hobbyist game, best visuals, best sound etc. These will be available to all South African developers who fit into these categories.

We'd like to do it over a weekend, a 48hour jam, with the option for developers to submit one day late for a 72hour jam, like last year.

We're thinking of arranging it for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September. This will place it just over a month after Ludum Dare 39, and a few weeks before A MAZE Johannesburg.

We'd be arranging a Cape Town venue for people to come jam at, though the submission will be online and available to anyone in South Africa.

How does this sound? Particularly how do those dates sound?


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