IESA Industry Survey 2017

Our annual industry survey is now up and running! If you are a professional game developer or a hobbyist it is critical that you answer it. The data collected from these surveys has been instrumental in generating support at both the local and national level.

You can find the survey here:


  • I think there might be an issue on the question that asks about revenue from service work for serious games, it says "must be a number less than or equal to 0"?
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  • Thanks @shanemarks, someone else has pointed me to this issue. It should be fixed now
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  • I'd like to ask a serious question:

    Are there any devs / studios here who *DO NOT* fill out this survey, and if so, what are your reasons? Are they security/privacy related? Is it because you don't frequent / like MGSA and it's seeming affiliation with IESA? Is there anything that IESA can do to change things to encourage your participation?

    The more data IESA has to show in its report, especially if it can show growth, the more momentum it can garner with various 3rd parties to help support and grow our industry here, which is something that everyone, even if you are a "fringe" member or a lurker, should care about and be interested in as it will only benefit you in the years to come!

    I'd also be interested to hear from people who know of anyone who won't post here but knows that they don't participate, as to what they believe their reasons are.

    If nobody talks, then nothing can be addressed and improved!
  • Should I fill this in as a hobbyist? I'm not sure if that clouds the data if FDi also fills it in?
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  • I don't fill it in because I haven't done any non-day-job related development in years, and since the day-job is gambling related it doesn't fall under IESA. But you probably already know that :P
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  • I didn't fill it in as I didn't know it was here. Would be good to get this as part of a mailing list, that way we can be sure to at least reach everyone who completed the previous one. Can I still complete it?
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  • @Jason. It is still open. I emailed all past participants, I'll need to check the mail address you gave, it may have changed.

  • I completed this now. Don't know if I was too late.
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    @Lexaquillia should this come off sticky? It's 2018 :P

    Also, looking forward to see the results :)
  • Have these results been posted anywhere?
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