[JHB Jam venue] Ludum Dare 39, 29 July

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It's Ludum Dare 39!
The biggest and best game jam community (IMHO) that's happening all across the world!

http://ldjam.com/ (note the new website, don't use the old one)
Weekend of 29 July
We're organising a venue at Vega Joburg (in Randburg)

Already have 10 Vega students and 5 others, who's also in?

We want to get a number of definite ins to confirm the venue.


  • @Tuism I'm game, can I reserve a spot :D
  • @Tuism I'm game, can I reserve a spot :D
    Hells yes :)
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    Hey all. JHB vega will be available.

    We had initially booked all the campuses to host this event on the 19th of August (which is the date I was told after the previous LD).
    Sadly the organizers decided to move the event a few weeks earlier due to international esport tournaments that the LD organisers did not want to conflict with.

    Sadly this means we cannot get all the campuses ready in time (it may sound like an easy thing to organise but the other campuses have other events and an LD needs a lecturer on site 24 hours for the duration).

    We will be gunning for having all campuses available for on location GGJ come January but I'll post more on this closer to the time.

    So for this Jam only jhb is ready to host.
    If attending:

    Please obviously bring your own wifi capable device.
    We will have some multi plugs available but I suggest bringing your own to be safe.
    If you plan on sleeping over you'll need all your sleeping stuff (our floors are treated concrete so bring an extra blanket).
    I have a filter coffee machine we make available so any donations of ground coffee are highly appreciated.
    We have a 200mb/s unrestricted wifi you'll have full access to, however if you are caught trying to bypass the proxy or torrenting or doing anything illegal then we will summon security and you will no longer be welcome. So if you have such software please disable it before coming through.

    Otherwise you'll need to fill out the usual documents (medical aid forms, etc) so we can better look after you.

    So please join, it will be good fun

    You'll need to being your own food.
    I will try arrange a Braai for us on the Saturday night (disclaimer: I will *try*) but don't worry about this as there are pick n pays and a woolworths fairly nearby to grab braai supplies.
  • I would definitely like to join. Please count me in.
  • Ludam Dare weekend is almost upon us :D

    Final confirmation of details of the weekend:

    Vega Randburg Campus
    Corner of Jan Smuts and Main (map location)

    The venue is available from 5pm Friday to 5pm Sunday.
    The theme releases 3am saturday, and runs 48 hours for the solo, or 72 for the team compo.

    >> Your own computer of course
    >> Extensions and multiplugs would be a good idea
    >> Ground coffee most welcome, we have a coffee machine
    >> Stuff to sleep on a concrete floor with
    >> Own food, or money for food runs :)
    >> Your love of making games :)

  • We have braai facilities available!

    So on Saturday we will have a little bring and braai. Be sure to pull in, bring a chop, a salad and a roll and we'll light the fire at 17:00.
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    Please share your profile URL so that I can follow you and your game

    You can follow me https://ldjam.com/users/fengol/

    Others you might want to follow:
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    Nice idea!

    Though it's kinda annoying, the new ldjam site doesn't show old ludam dare games that we've all made, these link to the history of games of each jammer, I hope they incorporate these back into the new site eventually :)

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  • And the theme for LD39 is:

    Good luck everyone, and have fun!
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  • For those who couldn't make it, this is what you missed
    3968 x 2976 - 4M
    3968 x 2976 - 4M
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  • Are you going to add links to your games?
  • I'll have my students do so tomorrow.
    I suspect they are either sleeping or wrapping up right now.
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