[Steam] Tyd wag vir Niemand - a Time-Manipulating First Person Indie Adventure

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to let you all know we just released our latest game, Tyd wag vir Niemand, onto Steam.


Please let us know what you think.


Manipulate time to your will at any moment to solve challenges, avoid deadly traps and make it to the end of this strange journey.

Tyd wag vir Niemand is an indie abstract adventure filled with mystical environments that will put your abilities to the test and engage you in a world of mystery and wonder.


-Large, abstract environments
-Fun, tricky obstacles








  • I'm in the mountains so can't watch the video. But the screenshots look fantastic! The game sound interesting as well.
    Got some good reviews so far too.
    One thing with the screenshots - they all look like cinematics, not actual in-game screenshots with HUD and such, right?

    And would you mind explaining the reasoning behind using an Afrikaans name which will be particularly tricky for international people to remember?

    Anyway, looking forward to trying this out
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  • Thanks for the compliments and the support, we really appreciate it :)

    The game doesnt contain any in-game HUD as we wanted the focus to be kept on the environments. The controls are very simple though and are explained when starting the game. Plus there is a Menu that you can access which includes all the keys as well, in case you forget.

    As for the Afrikaans name we just feel that they fit our surreal and abstract First Person adventure games well as well as the experimental nature of the game.

    Thanks again for the compliments and the support, we really appreciate it. Please let us know what you think when you get time to pick it up.
  • Looks trippy! I'll buy a copy come my next paycheck :D
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  • Sounds awesome! Stoked to see people in SA making surreal/ abstract stuff. Given that's what you're going for, I think the Afrikaans title is a great move. It's also always good, on any level, seeing any African game developers embracing their own culture!
  • @PS89 Thanks man, really appreciate the support :)

    @Benjets: Haha thanks man, thats what we also thought. We want to work in our own culture into our games even if it is minimalist and abstract at first. Thanks again for the support.
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  • This looks rad! I'm also a fan of surreal experiences.

    btw. The English version of the phrase "Tyd Wag Vir Niemand" would be "Time Waits for No One" (like the Rolling Stones song)
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  • Thanks so much for the compliments Evan, it means a lot :)

    Haha, yeah, we thought about that as well, but we decided that we liked the one word "Nobody" better, even though its the same amount of chars it feels shorter and easier to read for us and it looks more in line with the length and structure of the Afrikaans title. Nice catch, haha yeah we scratched our heads for a while on that one before we could decide.
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    Hey everyone, we uploaded a new gameplay trailer for Tyd wag vir Niemand and just wanted to share it with everyone:

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