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Hi gamers

We recently released a game called PlaneCrazy game. Go to and download the game please. When you do, tell me what you think.
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72 x 80 - 18K


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    Welcome! It's awesome to see you've made something. I personally don't have an iDevice so I can't actually check it out, but I did look at your website a bit. Unfortunately I can't find much there in the way of a description or a video or anything that explains what the game is. Maybe you could share some details of that here? Videos or GIFs are always useful for explanations. What sort of feedback are you looking for?

    Oh, and you might wanna make your website link an actual link: :)
  • We're not quite "gamers" here, we're game developers :)

    It's one word on the app store, I searched three times before I found it.

    Interesting variation on Flappy Bird. Everything works. Game is pretty straight forward. There are some interface annoyances like overlapping UI text but it's minor.

    The ground "bricks" thing doesn't have a black outline like everything else which makes it seem out of place.
  • Thanks for your feedback.

    @francoissvn; I'll look into adding a "better description" or video. You fly your jet/plane by tapping on the screen and you do your utmost to dodge the obstacles. Furthermore, collect magnets to automatically "attract" stars to you and collect the "ghost" character to make yourself invisible.

    There's an update coming very soon where we introducing new environments etc.
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