My god, I've felt like i was the only one in South Africa interested in making games.

Anyways hey Guys, I'm new here.
everything looks well put together and solid. An alive community it makes me so happy.

My name is Jermaine
I Obviously make games :D

Can you code?
Nope,I have no education in coding i do however know how to read and sort of understand coding syntax.
Knowledge in computer logic allows me to get through some hurdles hehehe.

Whats in your tool box
I'm a creative, I do 3D modelling and illustration. and a GFX designer by profession.

I'm an Unreal engine 4 user and Do my 3D models with Cinema4D.

Current Projects?
Yes. I'm currently in the process of making two.
called ; SKYLESS
World Eaters.

Great that's the Gist of it. I look forward to to my time in this community.


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