[Paid] Looking for Story Writer

Hi Guys,
I'm looking for a Story writer with experience in writing scripts for games
This is for a Steampunk project I'm working on.

Recommendations Welcome
Please send applications to pixelcraft.callum@gmail.com

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  • You really should give some details on the project.
  • critic said:
    You really should give some details on the project.
    This is my first time, what information would you recommend I include ?
  • If you have a website for the project a link would be good. Otherwise, describe the project a bit, show some screenshots or concept art if you have any, a video of some existing gameplay would be nice, if you have a prototype including that would be awesome. Also, some more information about you and your company would be nice, links and information to past projects, you could list the current team and their responsibilities. It's also nice to include amounts when you are offering a paid position, your location, is this remote work...
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  • Did you get any further on this?
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