Steam Direct is now live with $100 per game fee

Steam direct:

Context: Steam Direct is Steam's new game publishing system to replace Steam Greenlight. Greenlight required games to be voted on before being "greenlit" and added to Steam, while Steam Direct skips that step. Valve simply checks that your game is functional and that you have filled in all the details, and then your game is on Steam.

How do you feel about Steam Direct and the fee?
Will you be publishing on Steam Direct?


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    Just finished registering. There are a lot of forms, be prepared!

    Honestly, I don't think the fee is high enough. I'm sure a lot of rebranded asset-flips will make over that, even with them taking away the collectible things. We'll see, I guess.

    EDIT: Our account is now live.
  • Must you have a game ready or can you register in the meantime to get the paperwork out of the way?
  • @dcadjust: I believe you can register before your game's ready. (You'd have to anyway, assuming you want Steam integration in your game. Register to get Steam SDK, then put in further development time for adding achievements, emoticons, backgrounds, trading cards, or whatever (assuming those haven't changed).

    That said, I wouldn't do it "in the meantime to get the paperwork out of the way" -- definitely not until I actually have a game I've been working on that genuinely looks like it deserves my dedicating a chunk of my life to shipping it. I'm just wary of how "registering your game studio" or "paying for Steam Direct" are possible ways of helping you feel more like a "real" game developer, and could be a form of procrastination that delays you from the (difficult) part of making a great product.
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