First game and first post - Hungry ninja


This was a game I made as part of a course to learn unity, I don't think it is good at all but would like an opinion or two.
Here is a preview (sorry for the choppy gif)

you can give it a play here:

Side notes:
I can handle some constructive criticism, but keep in mind I have only been working with unity in my spare time for a few months now.


  • Woah, how did you do that rope?
  • roguecode said:
    Woah, how did you do that rope?
    I found the closest object that has a layer marked "hookable" with a raycast.
    got the points between my hand and the object, then created a bunch of sprites connected with joints between them.

    I can't take all the credit though, I did borrow heavily from a few different tutorials and open source projects.

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