First ever character concept

Hi guys

This is the first character I have created was just looking for a little feed back on it. His name is Murlix.
2653 x 2354 - 24M
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  • Holy 24MB image upload, Batman! :P I'd suggest resizing it to something more typically seen on a web page, and using a jpeg instead in the interests of saving teh interwebz in general.

    It's looking pretty cool! Some of the parts feel quite disparate, as if parts of different animals were just Frankensteined together. It could help to have some visual elements reappearing elsewhere in the design to make it more cohesive. (Or, you know, not, depending on the character's story/purpose/brief.)

    As a general best-practice in concept art, it's probably better to do lots and lots of much smaller image thumbnails (like 5-15 min each) to explore a variety of silhouettes and explore lots of different ideas to avoid landing on something cliched. It'd also be more useful in seeing the process and path of how you solved various problems to get to where you eventually arrived. When I did an Anthony Jones mentorship for 4 weeks, I did what ended up being over 100 thumbnails, exploring different shapes and keeping the ones I liked, before arriving at the final rendered images.

    Otherwise, just keep at it! :)
  • Hey Elyaradine

    Thanks for the feed back. I'm sorry about the file size I'm still a newb XD. He is a little Frankensteined because of his backstory. I put a lot of work into the art as appose to 5-15 min each because I'm still learning Photoshop and wanted to challenge myself. I was just experimenting with brushes and shading to get used to digital painting.
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  • Here is a smaller version that is more mobile friendly (hope you don't mind @The_Gingerbread_Man)

    For me, as a non-artist, the things that jumps out is that the proportions of the lower and upper body seem incorrect, and the lines (besides the face) are a bit blurry (?).
    But really cool for just starting out!

    2653 x 2354 - 321K
  • @roguecode thanks for the feedback I see what you mean with the proportions being a bit off. As for the blurry lines I think that just came when I got tired of painting for that day XD
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