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I'm here on behalf of CLAWs, UCT's society for board games, card games, role-playing games and all things tabletop.
We know that a initial part of game development is testing out your games as a pen and paper version.
We'd like to invite all members of this community to reach out to us if you'd like to get avid tabletop gamers to try out your games.

We have weekly games nights on Tuesdays from 5pm in RW James 3B, UCT Upper Campus as well as other events throughout the semesters.
If you'd like to do a showcase, host an event, or just pop by, please contact us at claws@myuct.ac.za or on Cape Legion of Adventurers and Wargamers (UCT CLAWs)

As mentioned at the last Cape Town Meetup, we have our annual convention Dragonfire from the 25th to 27th of August.
Dragonfire is our annual tabeltop convention where we invite our members, vendors and the general public to participate in and run multiple tabletop events over an entire weekend.
Currently we have events for Magic the Gathering, Vampire the Eternal Stuggle, Dominion and official Pathfinder Society planned with more TBC.
We'll have many of vendors there including Outer Limits, Fanaticus, Quantum Gaming, Big Box, Pandemonium and more.
We will also have a cosplay competition put on by Cosplay Cape Town.
If you would like to have a stall at Dragonfire and/or want to host or be involved in an event please contact us at claws@myuct.ac.za
You can find our facebook event here: Dragonfire 2017: Phoenix Rising and more info on the schedule at https://claws.uct.ac.za/Dragonfire2017

I hope to see all of you very soon.
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  • Thanks for posting this here! I'm very excited about this and also looking forward to seeing growth in the Dragonfire events :)

    I'm considering hosting another board game jam. Would you be opposed to a board game jam forming part of the events for the Dragonfire calendar? It would probably be a 6 to 8 hour event and probably on the Saturday which may not work for many people.

    Other options would be to have a board game jam in early August for people to then bring their creations to Dragonfire weekend (we may have to set aside an extra table just for those kinds of prototypes?).

    Anyway, people, let me know your thoughts.
  • @dammit Yeah either (or both) options would be great.
    We do weekly game nights on a Tuesday if you'd like to inform or demo for people there about what a game jam is or how to get involved.
    Or I could give you access to our mailing list to inform people that way.

    But Saturday at Dragonfire could work quite well with the current schedule.
    I would just need to know what you would need from us. (Table space, power, amount of people, etc.)

    I'm excited to have you guys there.
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