[Jam Prototype] Planet Headwound

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Marcelle Marais and myself entered Butterscotch Shenanijam this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and made a (very small and mostly unfinished) game called "Planet Headwound".

After using physics to drive animation almost exclusively for the last year, it was fun to get into Unity's Mecanim system (which I'd barely played with in the past). It was also awesome to jam with a person with a 3D animation skillset (although Marcelle has a broad array of art skills, it was the animation that was surprisingly fun for me to work with).



What I wanted was a combat system that forced players to pick their fights and struggle with their enemies. I feel like it's a start, but it's still a bit simple and straightforward (and very headbutt-focussed).

We wanted the game to be a lot more "Prison Pit" inspired than it ended up. Though I think a few more days of making content and maybe it'd start to evoke that (though when we have time to do that is an answered question). I think this part would be SUPER fun to do.



(We also borrowed some of Jason Sutherland's music that he'd composed for other games).


Here's the Itch.io page, if you've watched the video you've seen all the content (so far): https://callofthevoid.itch.io/planet-headwound


  • Looks really pretty :D I would say like you said, it's a bit light on mechanics at the moment, seems like there's not really much in the way of decisions to make or skills other than to mash headbutt, I was kinda expecting to be able to at least launch a grappled enemy into another or something :)
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    @Tuism Yeah, I think touches like what you describe would make this prototype a lot better! There were walls in the game at one point, which you could knock down enemies against, but I didn't finish programming all the edge cases and they got cut at the last minute (although knocking enemies against each other, and using them as shields etc is more interesting).

    I definitely could have cut down the fidelity to get further game-design-wise with this (over the two days I worked on it), but working with rad artwork/animations was part of the point of this jam (for me personally). <--- I really hate that I have to make this trade in jams :(

    Glad you like the visuals! Thanks for the comment!
  • I love the feeling of all your projects, congratulations.
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