CopperCube 3D Game Engine

Hi All...

Coppercube is a lightweight 3D engine that is easy to use and has a small friendly community.

With Coppercube you do not need to program, however it is advised to learn Javascript & a backend language because the engine and especially the AI is very limited .

There is one thing that Coppercube does better then Unity & that is WebGL... Unity defeats it in every other way, but it is ideal for people just starting out in 3D game development.

I purchased the premium licence which gave me access to the c++ code base...

But, what I have done is begun to put together a really cool website full of resources.

Why? Well because Coppercube is very niche and few people know about it...

So, I took the liberty of attempting to popularise it as I have done in the past with other projects.

In any event, please check out for the relevant information that you need and don't be afraid to follow me on twitter & Download some of the sample scripts and templates that I have put together for demo purposes.
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